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Wooden Wares

Hello All,

I am looking for some specific feedback and tips about how t0 improve my overall tabletop lighting and setup. I design and produce wooden tableware (utensils, serving platter, cups, bowls,etc.) as well as small furniture (stools, chairs, tables). As of right now I shoot everything in my apartment with natural light. I think I could be doing a better job of highliting the products and making them pop as the center of attention.

I would like to highlight certain design details, joinery and the function of each piece in use. I would also like to inculde as much environment as possible (ie. the shadow of the window blinds suggests what kind of room the stool lives in).

I am open for feedback on the photos below as well as suggestions on how to select and purchase basic lighting equipment to make a small photo studio of my own. Like all startup artists, I am on a budget and can certainly be frugal. I am shooting with an OM-D and I am interested in recommendations for what accesories I shoul dbe purcahseing next - softboxes? strobe? simple backdrops? - as well as which settings I should be paying more attention to on my camera.

Any and all feedback is welcome. Thank you for all of your help.


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