Woodburning: How To Customize Gifts

Woodburning: How To Customize Gifts - student project

In this class, I'll show you how to use a simple tool, a woodburning pen (also called a pyrography tool) to take your gifts to the next level, and truly customize them for your recipient.


I'll provide an overview of safety measures, woodburning styles and material choices, how to choose a design, how to transfer and woodburn your chosen design, and the finishing touches needed to make your handmade gift look professional.


At the end of this 25 minute class, you'll be fully equipped to customize a beautiful gift to present to someone you care about, and if you’ve followed along with the class project, you’ll have a set of wooden kitchen utensils that are unique to you and ready for use! This class is suitable for a beginner, and no prior skills are required - although you may want extra scrap wood for practicing if you’re just getting started with woodburning.


The class project will be to add fun sayings to a set of wooden kitchen utensils, but you can also use these skills to create just about any unique, woodburned gift. You can even create custom items to sell in your woodworking business!


Here is a link to my class outline! Please share any comments and feedback with me. 


Here's the link to my rough intro video. After editing this, there are quite a few adjustments I want to make to it and will have to re-shoot a lot of the material this weekend when I film the rest of my class material. Just looking at my own video was eye-opening in seeing what I can do to improve it. I also went to watch many other intro videos on Skillshare and learned a lot just from watching other teachers.

I'm planning to add music and some title cards to break up the visual content. I also want to try and smile more and be a little more at ease in front of the camera when I re-shoot. I want the intro to feel a bit more conversational than this turned out. I really can't wait to put my more refined, finished product together! 



Alex Haggert Way
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