Wood + Sea Co. - My online portfolio

Wood + Sea Co. - My online portfolio - student project

April 30th Update!

Not much new. Still trying to figure out some bugs and some different ways of doing slideshows that are better for smaller screens.




Alright, work has been a little crazy. Everything is switched over to woodandsea.co now. So excited!

I added a couple new pages, changed the way I was working with some slideshow stuff and polished up a few things that needed fixing. Not too much different but it's getting there.


In the middle of rebranding/reworking my current site. The new company I've started up is called Wood + Sea Co. I grew up in San Diego and my love for the sea inspires my design in many ways. Wood + Sea Co. is just another extension of who I am and I'm excited for it to begin.

Wood + Sea Co. - My online portfolio - image 1 - student project

Wanted to take this class to learn little tricks and how to actually write code instead of guessing all the time. Too much trial-and-error for me at this point. My website will mostly be showing off my work so pretty basic.

You can see the current process up at http://www.woodandsea.co

Josh Maynard

Wood + Sea Co.