Wood Carving Project

Wood Carving Project - student project

The course is now live!




I decided to make a small course about something that I am passionate about. I love carving and I though that carving a horse is a great way to start working with wood. 

When designing the course I created an outline of following sections:

1. Introduction.

2. What you are going to need to start a project.

3. Preparing the wood and learning some basic cuts.

4. Carving a horse.

5. Finishing your project.

6. A few closing words.


I was unsure about so many things - first of all, English is not my native language, that's why I was terribly self-conscious throughout. Also, I've never filmed a class before. However, it was really fun and I learnt a lot during the process (for example that you need to charge your phone before starting to film. Oh, well...).



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Woodcarving and whittling