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Wood Brothers- Ways Not to Lose

For this project I chose to research one of my favorite bands, the Wood Brothers. These two brothers spent the first 20 years of their musical careers going in completely different directions. Chris pursued a jazz degree in upright bass from Juliard before joining the improv jazz trio Medeski, Martin and Wood in NYC. Oliver became more of a wandering bluesman, playing guitar in folk and blues bands in the Deep South. After 20 years of music, the brothers reunited in 2006 and wrote an album titled 'Ways Not to Lose.' 

I first heard the album when it came out and thought it was good not great, but as I got older I started to understand the songs a little more and they really began to resonate with me. The music composition is simple but distinct, with the upright bass providing strong and catchy basslines and the guitar working as a more textural element over the top, often times with a southern slide guitar tone like Duane Allman. But the primary focus of the songs is the vocals. Oliver has a rough but strong voice, aged by whiskey, cigarettes, and hundreds of gigs at tiny southern dive bars. His lyrics cover heavy themes, but use light-hearted and clever metaphors. There's a sincere blue collar grittyness that comes through in the music. Images of dirty fingernails, back-breaking work, blistered fingers on worn steel guitar strings, the daily grind, and imprudent but irresistable lust.

Track Listing:

1) One More Day

2) Tried and Tempted

3) Luckiest Man

4) Glad

5) Chocolate on my Tongue 

6) Atlas

7) Time to Stand Still

8) Truth is the Light

9) Spirit

10) Angel Band

11) Where my baby might be

12) That's what angels can do

Here's what I have sketched so far. 


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