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Wonka's Grand Entrance


CZYK Publishing- Book Launch. 


1. Create a Crowd

Before the book launch make sure there are a large group of people interested in what you are doing.  Make them excited to see the first people who get to try the new product. Give a few people a "Golden Ticket" to the show.  

2. Put out the red Carpet

Choose a launch day.  Step out there and talk about what you are going to do. 

3. Pause

Create excitement for people ready for the show to begin. 

4. The Roll

Do something really exciting that they are not expecting and that they won't forget. This will create a buzz for them to share. 

5. Welcome Speech

Explain what you are doing and what will happen. Welcome them. Tell them it is nice to have them there.  

6. Invite the Choosen.  

Welcome them with excitement.  Make them feel special.  When someone pulls a fake gun on you, go with it.  When someone does not seem like the rest of the group make them feel included. 

7. Parade In

Show the others how important your customers are.  Close the door and show them your best.  Then continue to show others your best.  


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