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Wonderland, Wonderland



(Book is not up yet. This is the first draft.)

Target primary audience: Horror/Fantasy Fiction. Anyone that like Alice in Wonderland, the book and the game, American Mcgee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns.

One Line: Annita is a girl that isn't like the other girls so she goes into her own world she goes and falls into the queen's liking, knowing that her place isn't the happy place anymore she has to get out. 

Blurb: Annita is not like the other girls. She wears makeup but not like the models or girly ways. The makeup was dark, mostly black. She dresses differently than the other girls. She sees the difference and accepts but things change one night when she sees a white rabbit with a waistcoat and a pocket watch. 

She is thrown into full madness and she has to find her way and has to save the world that she fell into by opening a door into a flower garden. 

Chapter One

Annita only wanted just a notebook and a book to read but instead, she got a doll. Her mother’s doll. She didn't like it one bit so she started to cry. Her mother sent Alice to her room where she cried again. The monster was in her room, of her imagination of course. They played until noon, it was lunch time. 


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