Kat Tan

Video & Art Maker





Draft Video Submission here: https://vimeo.com/56190489

Wunderkind is a German word for "wonder child" or child prodigy - as in the case of Mozart who started composing music when he was 5. Wonder seems to be in the essence of things that delight and inspire. It brings up a sense of discovery and magic, makes us see something beyond the ordinary.

The same feeling arises when we learn something. The look of awe on one's face, that light-bulb moment.

To Wonder is an act of creation. It is an act of genius. It is an act of kindness towards yourself and for that which you are enthralled.


Who is WonderKind?

A montage of moments pieced together of people and moments in wonder. Most of the footage I took while travelling around Italy meeting different artists and artisans, and also in Greece where we did a documentary.



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