Wonderful learning curve

Wonderful learning curve - student project

I started doing watercolor a few weeks ago and decided I needed direction. Your class is superb. The watermelonWonderful learning curve - image 1 - student project watercolor was done with economy paints. I was not happy with the flowers but decided to continue. I was surprised that the rest turned out well. The second was the citrus which I used economy paints on half and Winsor & Newton on the other half. The difference is clear. The vibrancy and flow were significantly better. The third, cherries was the same as the second but I felt my technique was improving. The last, kiwi and company were entirely done with the Winsor and Newton pan paints. Though it was my least favorite design, it flowed smoother and I was really happy with the whole kiwi's saturation. Thank you for the class. I learned a tremendous amount about watercolor and my technique improved greatly. @kusheoWonderful learning curve - image 2 - student projectWonderful learning curve - image 3 - student projectWonderful learning curve - image 4 - student project

Michelle Washington
Krio Interpreter and Translator