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Leslie Wilson

Leslie Anne Wilson with son Dillon, 1992



Women of Wonder note cards

I originally designed this WOMEN OF WONDER note card, when I was in graphic design school. I created each character in Adobe Illustrator. Can you imagine all the points and vectors I had to use?! The back side of the note card has funky type that says, "Who are the WOMEN OF WONDER?" Then it goes on to explain who these kitcshy characters are. A small section of the copy says, "They're creative in a funky sort of way...""...They're powerful and fearless. They know no bounds. They are sisters, they are mothers. They are EVERYWOMAN." When people read this, the message really resounds for them.

The note cards were so well received, that I designed other merchandise – coffee mugs, tee's, hoodies, aprons, posters and much more. This merchandise was located on a website for several years. My friends loved the WOMEN OF WONDER, saying "These need to be out there!" and "These cards are amazing; you need to share them with the world!"

So, I put all this WOW merchandise in a boutique containing only items designed by women. Every item of mine was well received. Unfortunately, the boutique folded, and that's when I put the WOMEN OF WONDER away, deep in the recesses of my closet. This fall, ran across them by accident. My friends really encouraged me to put them out there again. So, I'm working to accomplish that. 

My first step is to photograph them, and then get them on Etsy. My hopes are that they will get the exposure they need, and some manufacturer will pick them up, diversifying the product into some of the items I had created once upon the time.

I am disabled, so my monthly check doesn't provide for printing, marketing or creating new products. I am praying for a financial backer, with whom I can share the profits from selling WOW. With God, anything is possible. 


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