Women for women creative collective

Women for women creative collective - student project

Last year I had an idea. After successfully becoming a freelance designer I realised I missed collaborating with other creatives and wanted a reason to connect with some of the super talented female creatives in my network. I also wanted to focus on building a portfolio of projects that I really care about, and to use my skills to do a bit of good in the world.

This inspired me to start a creative collective of women that works only with brands/campaigns/products/charities that are for women, run by women or that empower women. Crucially, a portion of profits earned would be donated to a charity that supports women and girls.

I have done all the easy bits: got a name and a domain, mentioned it to some of the creatives I want to work with, made a list of clients big and small that I would like to approach, even done some personal design projects to help get my creative juices flowing. 

But now I am at the hard bit of putting it all together and reaching out to potential clients.

After completing this course with Emma I feel a new sense of motivation to work through the difficult bits, to stop procrastinating and telling my self it won't work, and just start doing!