Women Of War

Women Of War - student project

Theme & Thread:

When I was young, I often sat at my mother's feet while she told me about her experiences in WWII. She served three years as a nurse in the Army Nurse Corp over in the Pacific. She had so many amazing stories.

Small Noticings:

1.  Everyone has a story

2.  Stories deserve to be told

3.  Stories are a living history

4.  Stories are our legacy

5.  Battle scars are stories

6.  We must listen to people's stories

7.  Most stories are not recorded

8.  They are precious and personal

9.  They are unique to a generation

10. My mother answered a calling

11.  She had a destiny, duty, and purpose

12.  People are moments of history

13.  We are part of a bigger picture

14.  We owe so much to that generation

15.  I want to give them honor and respect

16.  We have to share these stories


Literary Tools:


Rhythm of Syllables



I would like to take Poetry II because I need the tools and encouragement to continue writing.


Poem 1.  Woman Of War


  Dried faded flowers

  With wrinkled folds

  Teetering tough stalk

  Grown too tall to support itself

  Demanding all the sunlight


Poem 2.  They Are all Around Us


  People of history stuck in time

  Living witnesses to human evil

  Kept alive as a reference

  To the worst of humanity

  To the best of humanity


Poem 3.  Who Will Listen


  Talking billboards of remembrance

  Clamoring loudly to tell their stories

  Superheros out of dress uniform

  Living memorials of tragedy

  They witness to whoever will listen

  Everyone has a story

  So many stories


Poem 4.  You Are there


  Eyes wide open

  Still wielding a sword

  Far away stares

  Take you from peace to war

  Transport you to horror

  Confront you with atrocities


Poem 5.  Battle Scars


  Dying with story fragments

  still in their bodies

  They become

  beacons of hope

  Their stories become

  Tears at grave sites

  Burn in our hearts