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Women Around the World

So, at first I was trying to make defining different ethnicities more general, but it was pretty hard trying to pick somethiing that could be consistent within each country and not switch up too much. Since everything was so broad I decided to specifically focus on women. 

Mind Map:


I defined the races of my book that the different clans were derived from, and then I spiral on to what defines the culture. Then there's my sketches, from headresses to environments to food and hairstyles. 

Then my last set of sketches are narrowed down to women and their definig characteristics from their culture whether it be their hair or headpieces. I figured I could switch it up since women is still the common denominator. 

My last sketch represents a caucasian woman. I think triangles and rectangles will be the defining geometric hiints as to where they stand in social class. (changed my mind)

Update 7/14:

More definite sketches of these races: Caucasian, Native American, African American, Indian, Arabian, Asian Pacific, African.

I tried to find a color scheme that was easily transferrable to each race, and have something that could even serve some as a pop of color, and still incorporating neutrals for the circle overhead and possibly some gemetric shapes down at the bottom. Not exactly sure what I'm doing with the bottom yet though.

Gonna start finalizing tonight and hopefully post the finished product by tomorrow afternoon.

Update finishing the other four (African American, Native American, Arabian, and Asian Pacific)

This is what I have so far:


Pretty Happy with the outcome.


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