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My name is Lucas and I am a graphic designer and aspiring photojournalist (of sorts) who goes under the moniker of Wolve. 

I am from Adelaide, Australia, but I moved to Seoul, South Korea about a year ago. Due to being located in East Asia I having the ability to travel fairly easily / frequently which means I get to experience some cool stuff such as being in Hong Kong for Art Basel last weekend. When I travel I try to capture a mix of local life while covering the cliche tourist destinations in a different light. I used to do a lot more landscapes but recently started doing more people stuff. My ig also features just general life stuff. My bio just covers basic stuff such as my name (also in hangul (Korean) for obvious reasons) where I currently am, what I am attempting to do (refining eye - get better at photography / finding voice - trying to improve my writing ability) and informs the reader of my addiction to red bean and coffee. Anyway, here are a couple of photos from my instagram (check the account for the most recent 9) that I feel represent my 'brand' the most - 

WARNING: some can be a bit graphic.. be sure to follow me: _wolve 


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