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Wolves amongst sheep, the hungry eat the weak.

Bay Area, CA


I've had this brand for about 2 and a half years now. In our region of the Bay Area (East Bay), there is a plethora of undiscovered talent that doesn't necessarily have an adequate avenue to express it. No matter how each individual expresses their art, we strive to be the venue to expose that to the masses. We are all about the creative individual with the "go getter" and ambitious attitude. We started out throwing events such as open mics, art shows, acoustic nights, spoken word & hip hop events etc. Because of the great response we got from the community solely based on the events, we decided to develop an alternate route for artists to display their art, on apparel. From here, ill show you guys some of our previous work and encourage any comments and critiques you guys can throw my way. I'm here to find new ways to improve and look forward to your feedback!

Here are some of our very first designs we ever released from our "Zombies" themed line

2 Late 2 Pray

Here is our "Munchies" long sleeve

This is our "Back from the Den" salt & pepper zip-up hoody

This one is called "Suicide Kings"

In the last year, we have been really focusing on our marketing and generating more exposure for our brand, here are some of the more "famous" people that rock WD on the regular, and how we established a connection with them. We have an ongoing relationship with all of the following artists/models.

Rap legend, DMX. Much to our surprise, he actually posted a picture of himself wearing our brand on his personal IG and tagged us (@wolvesden). This generated a large following, as he also posted the picture on his FB fan page as well (which has over 1 million likes). We met DMX last year when we had a booth at the Rock the Bells hip hop festival. Our booth was conveniently located right over the main stage artist entrance. Upon seeing DMX walking in, we showered him with gear. His manager reached out to us via FB a couple months later and we've had a solid relationship ever since. You can see DMX below rocking the Stamp tee and the Logo tee.

Another hip-hop legend, rap duo Zion I. Here is a couple pictures of Zumbi (the MC) rockin WD. I met Zumbi networking through a friend who is also his tour manager. This connection has exposed us to a vast majority of west coast underground hip hop legends through this awesome opportunity (Hieroglyphics, Souls of Mischief, Living Legends, Grouch & Eligh, DJ Fresh and more). This connection has enabled us to be a part of a lot of local hip hop shows which has consistently generated interest toward our brand. We really try to maintain strong ties to the local hip hop scene. You can see Zumbi below rockin the logo tee and the A's inspired WDElephant tee (front of tee not pictured).

Ruby Renegade (import & tattoo model) has been on a ton of magazine covers like Import Tuner, Tattoo Mag, and more. She has developed into one of our regular models and is always down for a "shoot for gear" trade. We try to keep costs down as much as possible, and a trade for services is always our preffered way of transacting business if possible. I originally met her through Tumblr and just maintained constant email contact until we could work out a mutually beneficial business relationship. Below you can see her rocking our Womens logo 3/4 sleeve baseball tee, and our W logo wood chain.

Jenn Q Tran

Another route we've decided to go in order to expose ourself to our target audience, is through "Youtube Stars". Simply sending a package of gear to rapper Dumbfoundead (300k+ followers), rapper/comedian Timothy Delaghetto(1 million+ followers), and model Levy Tran(100k+ followers) and having them make posts about the gear on their social networks has helped us sell hundreds of shirts and is definitely a great way to market! Heres a couple screen shots from the packages we sent to Timothy Delaghetto and Dumbfoundead.

Just started this program, so ill post more about our journey to where we are now ASAP! Looking forward to learning from you all and hearing your feedback! 


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