Wollombi Valley Shopping Trail -- updated

Wollombi Valley Shopping Trail -- updated - student project

My name is Jodie. I live in Australia part time between Sydney and the Hunter Valley (Wine region).

In September, 2012 my girlfriend and I opened a homestore and teahouse (Twine Home Store) in a village called Wollombi. Gorgeous Historic village. We are located on the grounds of what was a lavendar farm, now a sculpture garden set on 40 acres.

As we started to promote our business we noticed that most of the maps and marketing material for the region are centred around the vineyards, cafes and accomodation (B&Bs).

We have some wonderful retail stores within the village however we needed to find a way to let people know how to find us.

The retailers have decided to come together & collaborate on our marketing efforts. It was decided that we create a map that would highlight our retails store and the goodies that were available. I took on the challenge to create the map...  Not just any old map but something special that will engage  customers.. I was thinking about a trail..

Through my research online and via pinterest today I came across Anne and this course.  I've enrolled, Yeh! A little late but I look forward to creating something that I will be proud to share with our community..  Let the journey begin :)

I've completed my first sketch. The greatest challenge I forsee is being able to include key landmarks whilst highlighting our stores. I've numbered the retail stores as a start.

Update .... working thriugh the exercises and made the jump to using illustrator. I now have the framework of my digital map which i will now explore further.

Wollombi Valley Shopping Trail -- updated - image 1 - student projectWollombi Valley Shopping Trail -- updated - image 2 - student projectWollombi Valley Shopping Trail -- updated - image 3 - student project