Wolffia - Jumpstarting International Expansion for Startups

Wolffia - Jumpstarting International Expansion for Startups - student project


If forced to boil the idea down to two sentences, I'd say that we aim to create a franchise model for early stage businesses with a focus on tech. Foreign funding is focusing on teams that aim to replicate existing models, yet this fails to capture the value that would arise if the best team could partner with their "original" counterpart. By vetting potential partners, we allow "original" founders to participate in such foreign endeavors while at the same time allowing these foreign teams to profit from their partnership with the original, proven entrepreneurs behind the idea.

At the heart of what we're doing lies the notion that it is inefficient for there to be technology gaps around the world. If someone invents something cool in Norway, we think it makes sense for those in Indonesia to have access to it..

The internet has done a great deal in this regard. The flow of information that we see today would have been hard to imagine not that long ago. And yet, not all things flow as simply as others. While information travels seamlessly, business models don't. The friction involved in setting something up and launching it successfully means that the efficiency created by new business models takes time to trickle across the world. And that's where we come in: Wolffia aims to be a lubricant to those models; a marketplace where those looking to import innovation to their home market can do so with ease (and the approval and know-how of the people behind the innovation).