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Pola Lisowicz

Graphic Designer @LEGO



Wolf in sheep's clothing

Step 1: Your favourite reference pins
A good design for me is something simple yet effective when it comes to the way in which it conveys its message; that's what I looked for while searching for different pin-inspirations on the Internet.


Clearly not all of these have hidden deep meaning. What I like in 'watermelon' is how simple it is - with only few shapes and strokes someone nailed the 'iconic' look of it.
Stabbed hand is a little bit more complex but I like the way it makes you think of it: -what does it mean that handstabbing? etc. It's like there is a hidden meaning in it.
Trap - lovetrap - again it makes you wonder about the meaning of it. 'I can die after taking that letter, but without taking it - I won't know what's inside.' (so deep, isn't it? ;) )
CMYK pin would clearly mean that someone who'd wear such pin is probably a graphic designer, same with the 'introvert'. These pins shows something what you care about/who you are - and I like it, that you can personally relate to it.

Step 2: Your favourite Apple Metal Pin
This pin doesn't match my personal 'design likes and preferences' but what I find interesting in it is the depth which someone created by using only few colors. Even tought it's pretty abstract and labrinthy-looking-like, it also reminds me of a snowflake which I think is pretty cool. (Wondering if that was somebody's aim while designing it ;) )


Step 3: Rough Sketches
So the idea which I got for that pin is something what I recently keep being annoyed with. It's about the way some people act when they want to become acknowledged - instead of doing good work they rather talk their way through everything. They create that fake illusion around themselves, they put a mask on their face. They blend in the crowd of important (for their well-being) people.

After a while of thinking about that I got an idea of using the idiom "wolf in sheep's clothing" to create an image/pin which could then depict my feelings.
Here are few quick sketches which helped me to pick the right direction. I tried to "investigate" which point of view would be good to use (side or front?) and what kind of composition. Then I also had a small brainstorm about colors and shapes which I'd use.


Step 4: My Final Pin

What I wanted to get was something simple; something what would carry the hidden message and would make someone think a little to figure out what that meaning is.
Brainstorm which I had earlier brought me some ideas for the general style of the graphic which I wanted to get in the end and here's what I got:


Wolf - made with sharper edges is supposed to remind of a danger, sheep on the other hand - innocency (roundness); other than that I could show the difference between sheep's and wolf's personalities by using high contrast in colors: black and white.
Everything is surrouned by red stroke to emphasize negativity of wolf's action.

Following your advice Jon, I tried with adding an outline around the red stroke which I had before (I also changed red tone a bit ) and here's what I got:


But. as I like simple look - I also made a black and white version of it :


After a hard time of making decision which version to go with I decided to pick the black&white as my final work - I'm worried that in small scale red stroke will blend with black shape of wolf (in greyscale black and red seem to look pretty similar when it comes to contrast :x ) so I'd rather get rid of it (red stroke) and have a clean icon instead :)
Damn, so many findings over such detail!


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