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Wolf Head

First of all, thanks a ton for sharing this with us Keith, I've always been intrigued by your work, and seeing a little behind the scenes is awesome.

I'm working on a wolf head right now, something that may hopefully have a bigger role in the future. I honestly will probably not be using this as a tatoo, but I really wanted the linework style. I'm hoping to develop it into a mark for a clothing company, so something that could possibly be used on shirts, or as a patch, or on hangtags, etc.

For the moodboard I really just wanted some dead on wolf faces, something I could draw from. The arrow elements are for something else that could be involved in the final mark. The two images at the bottom could lead into a more illustrative style, but also contain some linework. 

This is what I've got so far:

I'm fairly happy with it, but feel that maybe it's too busy, or not cohesive enough. I'll upload some sketches as soon as I can get my scanner working! I plan on having some type on either side, as well as an arrow lockup underneath.


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