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Alexandra Presser




Wizard set


Still too soon for me to make a dozen thumbnails, decided to make just a few, aiming to feel more confortable for now. :)

It's a wizard set of characteres... Though it would be nice to stick to the fantasy theme, and then try other styles later, after de class. :)



Picked the three thumbnails I liked the most, started refining. Something happened to the girl in the middle when I liquified it to even the arms, but it's still nice, I guess... :P



Ok, So I choose the "easiest" one from the set. Will definitly finish the other guys, but right now, had to findo something to hold on to.

The black leather looked sooo much better in my mind... Tryied to change the position, but ended up liking better the original one (in the middle).

She ended up being some kind of wizard/warrior/thief... :/


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