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Without a Stone at Hand

Hi everyone, 

Its great to begin this project. Thank you for taking the time to read these ideas and help me make them better.



I have chosen to adapt the piece 'Tom Merritt" from Spoon River Anthology for my screenplay.


"At first I suspected something—

She acted so calm and absent-minded.

And one day I heard the back door shut

As I entered the front, and I saw him slink

Back of the smokehouse into the lot

And run across the field.

And I meant to kill him on sight.

But that day, walking near Fourth Bridge

Without a stick or a stone at hand,

All of a sudden I saw him standing

Scared to death, holding his rabbits,

And all I could say was, “Don’t, Don’t, Don’t,”

As he aimed and fired at my heart."

WHY - 

I read most of the poems in the book, and this was the first one that called my attention and stayed on my head for the rest of the days I kept on reading. Even though I had a selection, this was always the one I read again and again. My two final options where this poem or one called Homer Clapp. What I liked about these two poems was that both of them dealt with the same issue: a man being betrayed by a woman. But they have very different endings: Tom Merritt dies shot by his woman's lover. Homer Clapp, on the other hand, commits suicide when things went wrong.I finally chose Tom Merritt because I enjoy how he transitions from suspicious to surprised, from angry/vengeful to reflexive and finally ends scared and begging for his life to the man who ruined it. I find this poem to be very rich in the psychological aspects of the main character and would really enjoy exploring what would happen if this story took place today, with a young protagonist and if I could hear his preocupation when he feels his girl is acting different, his anguish when walking around the city trying to clear his head or look for the other guy and how he feels when he understands his life is over.

I would specially like to focus on that personal walk around the city (perhaps the story can be told from this walk forth) and the encounter with the other guy. The fear in both of them and the different reactions to it.


"And all I could say was, "Don't, Don't, Don't," as he aimed and fired at my heart."

I hope I can upload my first draft before Sunday. If you read all this, thank you very much! And if you have ideas or comments, I will be very grateful. Good night!



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