Withered Wildflowers

Withered Wildflowers - student project

By the quiet countryside village of Ashwell, life is routine and peaceful for sisters Avice and Clariandra. It’s 1348 and their days are steeped in tradition and hard work. However, their simple lives give way when a fire strikes their home, driving the family to make the tough choice to leave this life behind and travel to the grand city of London.

There, they connect with old friends and new friends alike, encountering rough challenges every day. Avice rises to them and embraces city life, but Clariandra, with her social anxiety, is struggling to find her place in this hectic, fast-paced world. When late summer reveals the city not to be all it seemed, Clariandra begins to hide within herself while her sister seemingly abandons her for her new city friends.

Just when things are beginning to feel comfortable – familiar, even – the Black Death strikes the city and without warning, the unexpected beast lying in wait beneath the sugary promises of London roars and ravages what little joy the family had managed to garner. The sisters find themselves in a world torn apart by disease and despair, but will it bring them closer than ever or drive them apart?



I drew a simple sketch for the layout. The picture I chose as the header for this project represents the color scheme I envision for my cover. Each bud/stem represents a character, but that does not become clear until the end. 

Withered Wildflowers - image 1 - student project


Side note: I've been working on and off on this novel for some time, and this class has really helped me to jump back in and rework my outline. I'm feeling more motivated than ever to push through and finish my third of a manuscript!

Kit K.
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