Wither | Skillshare Projects

Nickolas Dimondi

I'm left handed and smear all my pencil writing




Step 1: Selected Text

I chose Mrs Charles Bliss from the Spoon River Anthologies. Mrs Blisses post-mortem laments didn't give a clear narrative direction, but plenty of tone and theme. She spent most of her mothering years waging a long and grueling emotional war between her and her husband. Their children eventually took sides and family life was a constant battle. She knows the marriage should end, but is guilted into staying together by the town Judge and town Preacher. She resents their involvement in her marriage and the resulting cancerous conflicts that persisted.

Step 2: Writing the screenplay


-7/21 Title page

-7/23 Typos and stuff

Step 3: The logline

The eldest daughter is graduating highschool, and the inlaws are coming over for dinner. Can Mother rally her disobedient children to clean up the house in time?

I took a step back from the poem and chose to take a slice-of-lice approach to the story. I wanted to see Mrs Bliss not at the end of her life, or at the beginning of the conflict with her huband, but in the middle, in a ordinary battle, one of the battles that added some wrinkles and grey hairs on her head. I wanted to battle to be hard and fought loudly, but lost with a whimper. The idea of a mother that still desperatley wants to have a relationship with her children, but is unable to set her anger aside, really captured me.


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