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With you darlin' I am home

Hi everyone! I chose the quote "With you darlin' I am home" because I wanted to make something for my boyfriend. This is my first attempt at lettering anything, so feedback and criticism is definitely welcome! Had a little trouble with the Illustrator part of things because I haven't really used the program since college. I'm used to InDesign!

I started out doing "darling" with a G on the end, but I changed it to "darlin" for two reasons: 1) I'm from the south and don't say "darling", I always drop the G; and 2) I felt like it was unbalanced with the G. I couldn't figure out how to make it feel more balanced.

I started with my list of words and by making a board on Pinterest of things I might want to include. One thing that I really like the look of is laurel wreaths, so I knew I wanted to include one in my piece. After my word list, I played with how I wanted "home" to look, then drew a few thumbnails.

After I played with "home" a little bit, I remembered a font called Mosaic Leaf that I really like, so I went with something similar to that.

Here's my rough sketch of the outline of how I wanted my words laid out.

Here's my rough sketch with the words. I knew I could reflect the leaves onto the other side of the page, so I only drew the first one to be more exact. At this point, I was starting to struggle with the G, but wasn't sure what to do about it.

When I was inking, it was kind of a "learn as you go" kind of thing...I didn't think hard enough about what I wanted to be different colors and how I should do that with layers. I ended up retracing a few items multiple times.

When I got everything put together, I found color pallettes on Design Seeds. I love this website because it gives me so much inspiration for color! I found 5 color pallettes that I thought would work, then narrowed it down to two, then to one.

Here's my final product, but like I said before, criticism is welcome! I'm not completely happy with the way "with you" is. Because I'm just starting out, I was having trouble deciding what styles worked and which ones didn't. It's still looking a little rough and I see that more so now that I have the color on there.

What do you like and what don't you like?? I'm interested to hear! Also, I would love to know if I should put more flourishes in or leave it like it is. If I put more in, how should I do that? Thanks so much!


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