With or Against the Grain

A little background information on my subject.  He was extremely overweight as a child and made the decision early on to embark on a healthier lifestyle. Since he was 12, he's been extremely disciplined in terms of fitness. He never goes a day without exercising. (To him it's a necessity, like breathing air.)  I truly admire his dedication and determination. These qualities transcend all aspects of his life (work, family, etc.).  I wanted to capture that drive on "film."

He admitted that he was nervous and unsure of what to do.  The Rocky soundtrack (his usual choice) wasn't doing the trick, so we queued some darker music.

I used no artifical lighting. Luckily, it was slightly overcast that day, so we had some diffused natural light.

I look forward to everyone's feedback.



I really love the mood that grainy, black & white (or sepia-toned) images set.  One of my favorite photographers is Anton Corbijn (you'll see some of his images here), but I've also repinned some images from other artists on Pinterest.  I am particularly drawn to the lighting in many of the images that are full-length portraits.  I'd really like to capture an image that conveys the intensity within my subject.

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