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"With Grace in your Heart and Flowers in your Hair"

4.03.13 Update  ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Starting using the width tool in Illustrator.

Still needs work pulling some curves and using the width tool, but brought it into photoshop to try out some color...

3.28.13 Update  ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I brought my sketch into Illustrator, and started to draw out the letterforms.

After much tweaking, I ended up making a few changes to the layout (now centered) and to the flourishes (more simple arching shapes and circles rather than mostly tight curls), as well as removing the image I had intended to use.

3.21.13  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I chose a part of a song lyric to illustrate.

I started off with a few pen and pencil sketches to get an idea for different layouts.

I started doing a few more refined sketches in pencil, and went over them in micron pens to flesh out the letterforms a bit more. 

I tried cutting up those layout to get close to my final layout, and wanted to add a small drawing as well.

I then went back to sketching in pencil, to be able to erase and redraw.

I refined the letters and flourishes until I felt they were smoother and more well balanced.


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