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With All My Heart and Soul

01. Share the Letter You'll Write

After hours of searching through the "Letters of Note" site Bryn mentioned in the class guide (seriously, so many interesting letters to read!), I finally came across one that I LOVED. Being very honest, I wanted something short and sweet, ideally something inspirational but not so long that I had to think super hard or wear my hand out copying it, since I'll probably be copying it OVER and OVER! I landed on a sweet letter from Dana Reeves to Christopher Reeves on their 4th wedding anniversary, which was apparently only 11 months after the accident that paralyzed him. It is beautiful in its simplicity and unwavering commitment, despite the circumstancs.

Without further ado - here's a link to the letter: 


And here's the text:

11 April 1996

My darling Toph,

This path we are on is unpredictable, mysterious, profoundly challenging, and, yes, even fulfilling. It is a path we chose to embark on together and for all the brambles and obstructions that have come our way of late, I have no regrets. In fact, all of our difficulties have shown me how deeply I love you and how grateful I am that we can follow this path together. Our future will be bright, my darling one, because we have each other and our young 'uns. 

With all my heart and soul I love you, 



I will upload some photos of practice, ideas for spacing, etc. soon.

02. Share Your Scripted Letter

03. Share Your Finished Envelope


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