Witchy Vibes

Witchy Vibes - student project

Really enjoyed doing these shapes for the practice! I was completely unaware of the "magnetic" and "snapping" feature in Procreate and it's pretty awesome! Will definitely use this all the time in the future :)
Witchy Vibes - image 1 - student project

Witchy Vibes - image 2 - student project

For my rough sketch I thought it'd be fun to design a bookshelf for a witch and add things to it that a witch might find useful

Witchy Vibes - image 3 - student projectSome of the references I used for inspiration

Witchy Vibes - image 4 - student project
Updated sketch with more stuff!
Witchy Vibes - image 5 - student projectSome color exploration!

Witchy Vibes - image 6 - student project

With color added
Witchy Vibes - image 7 - student project
My first procreate animation!! It was really fun and simple to do. Thank you so much for this class, I had a blast and learned a lot!!

Witchy Vibes - image 8 - student project