Witch's Cupboard Logo

Witch's Cupboard is a shop I am working on that mainly sells candles and wax tarts to begin with. I have plans to possibly branch out to other things later on. I came up with the name because I am lover of fall scents and that was what lead me to making candles as a hobby I am still learning my craft. I am also a lover of magical things.

Edit 10/10/18:

**So as I was working on my logo my name was taken on Etsy. It was available this morning when I checked so now I have to go back to drawing board on a name. I have a couple in mind I like the idea of a cupboard since many things can be stored in one. So I am thinking Harvest Cupboard or Autumn Cupboard. Will update logo to reflect new name when I decided. **

I really didn't want a flashy logo or something with too much color. Even if I love autumn colors. I would really like some feedback on what I have so far.

I chose a handwritten typeface called Amatic I got on font squirrel.

I took the suggestion of checking design-seeds.com for color palette and found one I absolutely love.  



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