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THE STORY:  (see it live at www.witchcrafty.biz)



WitchCrafty is a lifestyle brand. Currently purveying fine digital goods in a range of how-to subjects from food to crafts to magic and witchcraft. Also exploring several other business models in the same theme and brand. Open to possibilities and yes, magic.


  1. What is marketing for? Telling a badass story with a positive message that people want to share.
  2. What are we allowed to touch? Everything I want to. I was kicked out of marketing 4 years ago and the scars still run deep. Now it’s my turn to pull the levers and make the rules. I can do whatever I want. Ha ha.
  3. What can we as marketers measure? Webby stuff like site traffic, book sales, social media interest, newsletter opens, click-thrus, ad ROI, etc.
  4. What can we change? The super big picture goal would be to change my customers, because I would like people to have a more positive view on life, their power, their creativity, and to have a better relationship with healthy food.

    If I can’t accomplish that I’ll still be changing the “same old” food/lifestyle blog and doing it in a freshie new way.
  5. As a marketer, what promise am I going to make? I promise to make fun, useful content that lets people feel powerful, creative, and happy.
  6. What’s the hard part? Two things.
    1. Standing out in an exploding sea of people selling digital books, food blogs, etc.
    2. Me feeling really freakin’ vulnerable putting myself out there.
  7. Should you make trends or follow trends? Both - I am riding some big trends here - gluten-free/healthy food, and also “the witch movement” which many people might not notice on the surface, but it’s def “brewing” out there in popular culture. And online business/self publishing is a trend. But I’m making trends too, because I’m so weird I can’t help it. Not sure what they are yet, though, but we’ll find out.
  8. Where is the risk? Not much to me, other than I might “waste time” working on my writing, drawing, design, and digital marketing skills, which is not wasted time at all.

    The customer might think of me like a gypsy bandit that succeeded in scamming a few bucks out of them, and hold me in a bad light. If they don’t like the content, they might feel disappointed, ripped-off, stupid that they buy my book etc because they don’t like it or I told them one thing and then delivered another. They also might think my hard work and ideas are dumb, which is also a risk.
  9. Who is in charge? Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.
  10. What is the money for? Right now, some of the money is going into things for me to create more content with - kitchen and pantry supplies, an herbal garden, drawing supplies, and perhaps a little photo lighting.

    For ads and getting the word out - just starting to delve into some Amazon KDP ads, and I’ll look into super targeted digital ads - amazon digital ads for books, maybe Facebook ads or Bookbub, things I’ve heard can work for marketing niche books/digital content.
  11. How should I be spending my time? I’ve committed to this:

    x1 blog post per week, every monday. This is a big one, since I’ve averaged 1-2 posts PER YEAR over the past couple years.

    x1 email blast to my list per month. Maybe more. But at least this x1 per month consistently.

    60% creation of books, writing, content - 40% learning, improving skills, etc. The goal is to increase the CREATION part of it, but right now education is calling me heavily so I’m listening and spending time learning and improving my skills etc.

    3 book releases this year (1 fiction, 1 cooking, 1 other secret project)


  1. Persistence: you need persistence in the online business space/to be an author anyway, and you also need it for an awesome, strong brand. So I think it’s super important to have it as a focus. Consistent blogs get more traffic. Consistent Amazon authors get more traffic. 
  2. Positioning: I think I have a unique position and background to fill the position, that no one else has cornered. Which filing cabinet slot can I go in? The witch one? Yes. Putting food and witchcraft and crafts together like the Martha Stewart of witches hasn’t been done quite yet like I want to do it.
  3. Public Relations: because telling an amazing story is what I really want to do deep in the darkest corners of my heart. A good story and telling that and having people pick that up like an antenna signal out to an alien land - letting your freak flag fly so other people can see it and find you - is the fun part and what it’s all about. Sharing the marketing and the story is a big part of the action theory of marketing, so that’s why I picked public relations and shareable/talkaboutable storytelling as one of my 3 main P’s.

(other top P choices:)

  1. Purple - make something worth talking about. It’s going to be weird and super purple.
  2. People Like us - the empowering culture of being a witch. Easy to find belonging in the occult when you’re weird.
  3. Permission - being a clueless/pushy marketer is a my worst fear come true.


Story, Experience, Weird, Wow.

Story needs to have all of the other factors in it, so I think they go together well and are things I can accomplish.

Copywriting, frequency, funnel, free.

I’m working on copywriting and I know it’s super important and I can pull it off. Frequency, funnel, and free are pretty standard and necessary for an online business.

Email Marketing, Retention, Testing, Scheduling.

Hive, referral, Persistence - incrementally create a movement, drip by drip by drip

Share is going to be my biggest challenge or unknown to work out - but I think a lot of it is content that people love and want to share, regardless of any fancy gimmick or sharing gadgetry.


We stand for witches. For unleashing the creative power of you, and connecting on a higher spiritual plane, creating the best life for yourself as you go along. We stand for those who create, color, craft, cook, make, bake, love to eat cake and believe in magic. We stand for standing up to the patriarchy, which doesn’t believe in magic.




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