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Wishful Thinking

I am not an artist (not in the conventional sense). I never went to art school or classes of any sort. In my head I can draw and paint brilliantly - but ...! So I started this class with the hope that the miracle will have happened. Sadly the drawing and painting are just the same, but I love the discipline of opening the sketchbook and creating something every day. Of course the camera had no battery so I have just got round to photographiing some pages and posting this.

I used the magic bowl full of prompts, and various mark making tools chosen at random.


My first attempt was 'technology' using prismacolor pencils. Far too feint to see. Must do better tomorrow!


My second attempt was using Inktense pencils to illustrate Book Titles. Oliver Twist and To Kill a Mocking Bird came to mind. Oliver is my 12 year old red headed grandson.


Day three sees 'My Favourite Things' - a sewing machine and a paint box. This time using a spatula and acrylic paint for the machine, reels of cotton and needles.


Day four was taken up by 'Dreams' Beaches, gardens and  grandchildren. Still no improvement in the drawing skills! I used watercolours for this.


My final effort of the week came under the headings of 'sayings'. My headmistress at school was forever saying this! Oh how true. I used a variety of marker pens for this but then the next page bled through.

Now the idea is to keep going, making a regular committment - perhaps a picture a day before breakfast?? Perhaps I should do a photography course as well!


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