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Wishcan Startup PR

1. Concise Messaging and Pitch

My company, Wishcan,
is developing a webapp
to help independent travelers
collect, organize, and plan their booked flights, hotels, and activities into a day-by-day travel itinerary
with simple drag and drop.

2. Wishcan: Newsworthy Pitch Ideas

  • The startup’s launch

    • Wishcan launches

  • The launch of a new product, feature or offering

    • New feature: Chrome extension, lets you bookmark places on your dream trip to drag and drop later in a personal day-by-day vacation itinerary with all your booked hotels, flights, and activities.

    • New offering: You can give your criteria to an expert local and get a custom day-by-day trip itinerary suggested for your preferences, with the best off-the-beaten-path nature, authentic local cuisine, adventures, and hotels.

    • Feature: "2. Use location and context as upsell triggers" (suggestions)

  • The release of a compelling study or interesting data

    • Data on what vacations people enjoy the most vs. what they choose to do

    • Cheapest cities for budget travel
      Nomadic Matt

    • New data shows you can’t really get a mansion with a maid in Thailand anymore...but new data shows the #1 S.E. Asian country you can.

      + Give them an itinerary in Wishcan from top destinations in Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam somewhere in recent study on currency arbitrage. (talk to Ian about details from rented mansion in Cambodia)

    • New data shows the #’s on medical tourism. (find data contrasting US medical procedure costs with world-class specialists/ hospitals in Asia).

  • The company’s response to a current event

    • Any travel safety advice with Syria?

  • News of a high profile partnership

    • Bloggers - nomadic matt, lonely planet, other outlets - agreement to copy their top “Top Destinations” articles into copy-able Wishcan itineraries and give for free to people planning travel there

    • Article on the changing travel industry - how travel planners are embracing technology. Partner with Max’s buddy - a travel planner. Hire him (temporarily) to compile personalized travel itineraries for travelers who have a Skype conversation defining their criteria, what they want to do.

Pitch Notes:

  • only a paragraph

  • offer up CEO as an expert to sit down with them and show them the app

  • show I did research on them

  • promo gifts to your readers

  • Data useful to their readers: “top ten reasons your website isn’t converting”


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