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Wishbone – a full graphic design studio

I quit my job two weeks ago and have been working on building a graphic design studio since then. You can see my current site here: http://wishbone-studios.com

As I don't have a business background and this is my first time working for myself, I'm looking forward to learning about how to run my own business. Hopefully in taking this course I'll save myself a bit of heartache down the line. 

I just finished the naming your business module, which I found very useful as I've always struggled to think of names for various ideas. Glad to know it's a common issue!

I'd noticed various trends in naming startup sites, and I made this tongue in cheek flowchart a few weeks ago delineating the various strands. It might be a little light relief to anyone having trouble coming up with a name themselves!

Here's the link: http://www.wishbone-studios.com/thoughts/how-to-choose-a-domain-for-your-startup


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