Wish Bone- Log line and Structure

Wish Bone- Log line and Structure - student project

Script Development for Wish Bone:

Logline: An indecisive unemployed graduate discovers a wish bone that grants any wish, when the wishes begin to come with grave consequences, he must make the hard choices to reverse the damage done.


Wish Bone (5 Act Structure)


Act 1

Anjola dresses up in his small dingy apartment where he lived with his mum; he wears a shirt, his pants and stares at his three shoes unable to decide which he should wear; his mother knocks his door and hurries him not to be late for his interview. She enters the room and notices he can’t make up his mind on which shoe to wear, she makes up his mind for him and he hurries to wear it. She is slow and looks ill, she is apparently undergoing cancer treatment. Anjola hugs her and promises to get a job, pay for her treatment and get a new apartment. He goes for the interview and he doesn’t get the job.

He comes back home sadly, and instead of going into the house, he meets up with his friends Chika and Kamar in a joint nearby. All of them are fresh graduates and they talk about their plans and what has been happening to them, Anjola is a finance graduate, yet to get a job, his mum a retiree has been battling cancer and he can’t even help out, Chike graduated as a software engineer with no job, Chike suggests they start a company, if they can’t get a job, they can create one for themselves, Anjola is not so sure if he should take that path. Kamar is the third, graduated as a political scientist but has a flair for music, he has been recording a couple of tracks but none of it has been a hit. They are drinking when someone Chike owes money shows up, a loan shark he had borrowed money to pay some bills with tough looking collectors following him. The three of them sneak out of the bar and run to the nearby beach where they cannot be found by the dangerous looking loan collectors.

At the beach, they seat by the shore close to the waves and all reminisce about their lives. A bone with some ancient inscriptions wash ashore and Anjola picks it up. He tries the inscriptions and cleans it to get a clearer view, it’s in a language he doesn’t understand.  He puts the bone in his pocket. Unknown to them, an old man, the genie of the bone watches them from a distance.

Continuing their conversation, Anjola asked if any of them could wish for anything, what it would be. Chike wishes for a millions just waiting for him in his room, Kamar wishes for a record deal, and Anjola after some thought mentions that millions waiting for him in his room won’t be a bad idea. They all laughed, knowing wishes didn’t just come true that way.


Act 2

The next morning, Anjola wakes up to find a black traveling bag in his room, he stares at it knowing the bag wasn’t there the previous night. His phone rings and its Chike, he picks the call and Chike is super excited, he had found a bag filled with money in his room, exactly what he wished for the night before, still on the call, Anjola gets up to open the black traveling bag and it is filled with money. Kamal also calls telling them he had been called by a record label to sign a 10 million naira record deal. Everything they had wished for the night before had come true. Anjola removes the bone from his pocket and stares at it, one of the inscriptions out of the four is glowing and it slowly fades away. Their lives change immediately. He pays the loan shark, next he wishes for his mum to get cured and she suddenly does, the doctors tell her they can’t find any trace of the cancer in her. he doesn’t know what else to do with money, or what else to wish for, Chike wants them to start a company, but he isn’t sure he wants to, he has more wishes if he needed more money.

They go on a binge partying spree, new cars, new apartments, girls, parties, Kamar is having the fun of his life, as a new super star artiste. Anjola meets a girl, Bisola that he falls in love with, his mum’s health is beginning to improve, because of better health care, and everything seems perfect.

At one of their parties, Kamar has a lot to drink and pops several pills, he starts to convulse and dies from an overdose. They ask everyone to leave and they are left with the dead body of Kamar. Anjola brings out the wish bone, and agrees with Chike to use it to bring Kamal back to life. They use it, one of the inscription disappears, and Kamal comes back to life, looking like his normal self-jovial self, he has no idea he had just died.


Act 3

Kamal begins to act strangely, they notice he would be silent in most of their conversations and seem lost, and then they realize he can’t remember most things Kamal would know. Kamal paid Bisola, Anjola’s new found love, he starts to get violent and she tries to call for help but it is too late. She is already murdered before Anjola and Chike gets there. Anjola is devastated and they both wonder if it is Kamal that came back when they brought him back to life. They are both terrified, Anjola moves mum to another apartment, then they both plan to waylay Kamar and kill him since he isn’t Kamal. They trap him in his apartment and set him on fire, they both watch him burn. They think the worst is behind them. Chike decides to leave the country while Anjola tries to convince him otherwise. Chike packs his things and heads for the airport, his car stops on his way and Kamal catches up with him and kills him. Anjola tries to call Chike and his phone keeps ringing, he thinks the worse.


Act 4

Everything is turned upside down, he learns of Chike’s death, and he becomes more scared. He calls his mum and she seems okay. Her health is better and she seems happy. She locks himself in the house and buys a gun, waiting for Kamal. Late in the evening, Kamal shows up and says he just wants to talk. He does not let him in but Kamal lets himself in. A fight ensues as Kamal tries to kill Anjola. Anjola ends up shooting Kamal and escapes the apartment. He runs to the beach where it all started and he is totally devastated, bringing out the wish bone and wishing he had never found it. The last inscription on the bone glowed but didn’t vanish.



Act 5

Someone touches his shoulder and he thinks it was Kamal but when he looks up he sees an elderly man in traditional attire. It is the genie of the bone, next to the genie is a white horse. Anjola is on his knees when the man tells him the only way out is to destroy the wish bone; cleanse it with fire and everything he had wished for will disappear, including his mum’s good health.

The man gives him a candle and a match, and tells him it is his choice. The genie climbs his horse and rides off disappearing into the distance.

Anjola lights the candle and for some reason despite the wind from the sea, the flames keep burning. He holds on to the wish bone as tears flow down his cheeks. Through a blurred vision, he sees Kamal approaching him, his eyes are bloody and he has blood smeared around his mouth. Then Anjola gets flashes of his mum, happy and healthy from the last time he saw her. Kamal approaches closer and although at first Anjola is reluctant to burn the wish bone, he eventually does, and as the wish bone burns, Kamal turns to dust slowly fading away. 

Anjola clinches the bone in his palm and it crumbles into sand and is blown into the sea, he lies there at the beach, the waves splashing over his head.

Forlorn, he goes back home with no idea what might have happened. Someone else answers the door of the new home he had gotten. They didn’t know who he was and had never moved out. He goes back to his old house and knocks the door, his mum opens the door and he gives her a long hug, she had returned to her ill frail look. Tears fill his eyes and she gives him a talk about not giving up on his dream, she promises to fight the cancer as well. He then gets a call from Chike, he is shocked at first, but when he picks the call, it is him and Chike comes to his place immediately with Kamal. Anjola gives both of them a huge long hug and they wonder what is going on, they have no idea of the wish bone and what had happened.

Anjola sees Bisola passing by and he calls her name, she doesn’t recognize him, according to her they had never met. He collects her number and fixes a date, she agrees. Anjola goes back to his friends and they all enter the house, jovial and happy.

They genie stands at a distance from the house staring at the three of them, in his hand is the wish bone.