Jordi Trias

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Wisdom of Nature

First i want to say i love this mugs the quality and style are awesome.

I was wondering with the idea of tell the story of the wisdom of nature and that was related to the contest so i love to create a design for this contest, i want to comunicate in some way without losing the design side of it, the knowledge and wisdom we can obtain from nature when we are in contact with the outdoors, breathing freely and enjoying the energy of being in nature, i think we have a need to keep in touch with mother nature to increase and mantain a healthy perspective in the modern world.

Inspiration -


I love a lot of the mugs in the website but here are the color themes i liked the most


I get into Illustrator without paper sketching, i like to work with my  graphic tablet and the mouse


Finished Design on Template




Thanks for watching!!


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