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Wisdom begins in Wonder

Hi everyone,

I choose the quote "Wisdom begins in Wonder" by Socrates.

I think this is really true, the only way to learn is to ask questions and wonder about the incredibly complex world around us.

I don't have my pen with a nib yet; hopefully I will be able to get it tomorrow.

For the time being, I wrote the quote in my normal hand writing and with a "nib-like" effect in fountain pen. I'm also showing the first exercise, as I was really happy discovering some of your interpretations in the other projects!



To be continued!


Update 18/09/2015

I went shopping yesterday!


I have three different nibs now: two with a round point (I don't really know the difference between them yet) and a chiseled nib. 

I already watched the movies with the beginner exercises, so I started them immediately!


Finally, I also tried a few variations on the words I will use in my quote.


Still a lot of work to do ... 

Please let me know what you think or which versions you prefer. You can be very honest, I'd love to improve! 


Update 21/09/2015

I still need to watch more movies, but I tried some more variations on the text in the meantime.
I think my favourite is number 5, especially before I put my hand on it and it became a mess... 

Any feedback is very welcome!



Update 29/09/2015

Finally found the time to finish this project! So proud I finished something, this is quite rare... 
In the meantime I also used what I learned on a card for a friend, so I'm really happy I learned more about calligraphy and bought the materials due to this course!

To get started, I first did the quote again a few times as a warm up exercise:


And then the final work:


Thanks a lot for this great course! All feedback is of course still very welcome!





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