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Wireframing for UX Design: Sketching Your Big Idea

Hi All,

Here is the final update on my class - I'm really excited about the number of students I have so far, especially because I don't have a large following outside of Skillshare at all. Thanks for all the great marketing tips, I hope to keep it growing!

  • Number of students enrolled in your class = 195
  • Positive reviews from your students = 9 positive reviews
  • What marketing tactics worked best for you = I think including a free trial link to very targeted pages worked the best so far, plus it was nice to give  link to people I knew were already interested in the subject matter.
  • What you plan to do next to engage your students = I'd like to do a workshop or timed challege, an AMA (? I think that is what they are called) Any ideas on how to do that, or how to make it work?

Congratulations teachers on publishing!


Hi Again,

Here's th project update:

I created a free link and posted on specific facebook pages - one on a UX Design community and one with just my friends.

I saw lots of growth (I'm at 91 students, yay!) but it's starting to slow down.

I created another free link and shared it to a different specific group of folks, trying to get more reviews. I have two reviews, one is postive and one is not. I'm hoping to get some more positive ones to conteract. Does anyone know if there is a way we can see what the negative feedback was? I'd like to make it better but can't if I don't know what is wrong about the class.




Hi Fellow Teachers!

I published this class on Sunday evening, and have gone through some of the steps outlined in this challenge. I have 48 students so far (woo hoo!) and I'm hoping to stay motivated to keep people coming!

Something that worked for me was generating a free enrollment link, and posting that link to a specific UX Design Beginner Facebook group. Because the audience was targeted, I think I got more interest from folks.

Here's the link to my class - good luck all!



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