Wiredlemonade - student project

Wiredlemonade - image 1 - student projectBack in highschool, Caroline turned to me and said, what do you want your screen name to me? "Wiredlemonade," I said the first thing that came to my mind. Caroline turns back to the computer screen and finishes. "Welcome to the 90's, you now have email!." 

Little did I know that the moniker 'wiredlemonade' would stick with me 15 years later. This name has grown on me and is unique enough that my online presence are the top results in google searches. I bought wiredlemonade.com years ago with the long running goal of a functional webpage. I've used it for various uneffective blogs during that time. I hope with this class and feedback to turn it into a functional, easy to update, easy to navigate online portfolio, store, and journal. I am a military combat photographer, plan fashion show fundraisers, art journaler, and have had a hobby of sewing purses out of recycled materials that I would love to grow into a small business. 

I look forward to making wiredlemonade.com happen, learning, watching everyone's projects progress, and recieving feedback!


It feels good to make progress, no matter how simple and basic it is! I feel like I am learning something and well on the way to turning my ideas into a functional design. Here is the link: