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Wintry Stroll

I think I'm just about finished here. Tidied up some smaller elements and did some color adjusting to cool the image off a bit more. Any feedback would be totes appreciated before I dive into some HALLOWEEN challenge-y bits. Thanks to everyone who has offered aid thus far!

Fixed the hat, brought the background trees up just a smidge. Not terribly happy with this thing at the moment, but I think pretty close to done. As always, any thoughts or feedback are totally welcome. Thanks!

Putting along. It's around this point in every illustration I do where I lose heart and then just hurry through I'm going to let it breathe a bit and see if I find my way again. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

While I'm not sure that filling the page up with the figure is as quiet (it's not), I also really liked giving him some more detail. This version is nowhere near done...I'm not even through recoloring and lighting, but gives an idea of the direction he may go. It's probably worth saying that I will texture and plaid up the scarf, and it won't (hopefully) look like pillows are hanging from his neck.

Took that ugly duckling into illustrator to come out with this guy: (Note, the colors are just there to be different and will totes changes in PS:

Sketch - Here's the scanned tiff of my super childlike sketch:

I sketched a bunch of ideas and the one that stood out most to me was walking through the snow alone. I can remember being the unlucky one chosen to trudge over to 7-11, the liquor store, library, etc. and always being struck with how quiet it was, especially when the snow made that sort of soft rustling it does. Anyway, I'm working on getting that into the digital realm now. Will report back soon.

**---------------------------HALLOWEEN PROJECT-----------------------------**

Welp, here it is. I had an awful lot of fun trying out a new style and tweaking over prints and screens to get more range out of the wee gamut...a fun challenge. Ultimately it was one of the harder things I've illustrated just because I had no idea how to color it. I loved it mono, but that's not much of a funsie for this sort of setting or challenge. So here's the final- red, orange, and black only, though a tremendous number of screens, layering, and knockouts to get there. Please offer feedback if it occurs to you, and thanks for all the comments and chat throughout the class. As always, thanks to Brad for crushing it.

Turns out that sugar skull/day of the dead stuff is suuuuuper easy to overwork. So I tried to stop. Feedback appreciated as I move into the texturing and coloring phase. Thanks!

Because I have no life, I've been busy vectoring this evening and working out some ideas for color. Any feedback on this direction would be welcome! Thanks!

I came on to update my halloween challenge progress and saw that another student is also doing a day of the dead theme, though it looks more like a celebrator's portrait than a catrinas mix sort of mess that I'm working on, so I guess I'll show that stuff rather than start all over again. Below is the rough sketch, and then some ugly illustrator outlining as I dive into that stuff. Feedback welcomed!


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