Winter Redd

Short. Asian. Awesome.



Winter's Mighty, Mighty Life List

Some Lists for Your Enjoyment:

The About-Me List:

  • My name is Winter Redd. Winter like the season and Redd like the color (except for the extra D at the end).
  • I'm Asian. Chinese-American to be exact. I don't know Chinese all that well, but I am fluent in Russian.
  • I'm married to an amazing man who wears green glasses and is 7 years younger than I am! Robbing the cradle is! He's fluent in Russian also.
  • We have this goal of being awesome and having fun. We started up The Redd Party blog in 2009 to document all our haps.

My-Hopes-And-Dreams List (just a few):

  • I want to discover what I was put on this earth to do.
  • I want to write a cookbook.
  • I want to go to Iceland to run a half-marathon. And to Tanzania to hike Mt. Kilamanjaro.
  • I have a wonderful marriage--I want to share our tips of how we are making our marriage work through a vlog.
  • I want to start up a scholarship fund in honor of my parents.

The Where-You-Can-Find-Me List:

The Random-Comment List:

  1. I'm so excited for this week!
  2. I hope I can contribute to some of your projects--just let me know if I can help.
  3. Let's do this!


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