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Winter it is

This project has given me A Lot to think about. Thank you Dominic for the class I am in much need of this practice.


For starters I could not get the idea of ice cream out of my head (maybe because of my healthy diet) so I came up with these fun ideas. I liked the lightheartedness of it all but I'm trying to gravitate toward less childish illustrations so I moved on.

My new theme is WINTER. This might seem generic and expected because it is the season we're currently transitioning through but I really want to focus on a change of style and play with the colors more than anything.

My Emotins

Fear- An inexperienced skier about to hit a huge jump which precedes a pit of doom          (yes this is from personal experience)

Envy- One child envy's another child's much larger better dressed snowman

Content- A warm cup of Cocoa (typical but here's where color experiementing comes in)

Lonely/Sadness- A lonely cold human with little shelter for warmth

Love- Two pairs of feet shaped under a blanket in front of one flame (not sure about this one)

Excitment- A child on a saucer sledding down a hill

With these illustrations I don't want to use faces, I have an idea of making the human shap and filling it with patterns and colors to further the study of color, emotion, and body language. I also was torn between depicting all these different activities or stick to one such as: Mixed emotions of building a snowman


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