Winter greenery with Irina

Winter greenery with Irina - student project

Irina - you got me. I just decided to stop painting greenery and then your class came along. I couldn't stop thinking about it so I did it anyway...or lets say I started. Today I finished the first two branches and I loved it. You really have a gift in making things easy and doable. I always am amazed of what I learn from your classes and its so clear and easy to understand and always works. Thanks you so much for sharing your knowledge and gift. Here are my two paintings of today and hopefully I will find the time to do the other two ones tomorrow. See ya :)

Winter greenery with Irina - image 1 - student project



Winter greenery with Irina - image 2 - student project

So today I finally had the time to finish this class. I am not to happy with my pinecone, but I understood what went wrong, so I will hopefully do it better next time:

Winter greenery with Irina - image 3 - student project

For the juniper I decided to do another type - but I was very happy that you introduced me to this greenery - didn't really know it existed - but I think its really beautiful.

Winter greenery with Irina - image 4 - student projectIrina, I wish you a merry Christmas. Hopefully you will have a nice time with your family and friends. Thanks for all the thinks I was able to learn from you this year, I really appriciate it.

Lenna Heide
Watercolor-lover, Crafter, Councelor