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Winter Wonderland

Since I grew up in a country where there are only two seasons, wet and dry, I find snow pretty exciting. Just after my birthday last year, I got to experience it for the first time, and it was amazing. I, together with my brother and cousin, tubed down a snow-covered hill several times, and we played in the snow and built snowmen. It was a very exhilarating experience; one I will never forget.

During this trip, I took a lot of photographs, and I chose one of them for this project assignment.

Original Photo:


Leland High Sierra Snow Play
Pinecrest, CA

I chose this photograph because of its simplicity. There's not a lot of things going on, but it's still a beautiful view.

I took this photo with the built in iOS camera of an iPod touch (5th generation).

First Image:


VSCOcam preset: Legacy 02. For the first image, I went with a black and white preset to give the photograph a clean but classic feel. Of all the black and white presets offered, I decided to go with the Legacy 02 preset because it slightly fades the photograph, giving it that classic feel I was going for.

Second Image:


VSCOcam preset: H5. For the second image, I went for a cooler (in terms of temperature) preset to give the photograph that cold, gloomy winter feel. I chose to process the it with the H5 preset because it has the right degree of coolness I was looking for.

Third Image:


VSCOcam preset: E3 with +2 temperature. For the last image, I went for a vibrant preset. I selected the E3 preset because I wanted the colors in the photograph to pop but not too much. I bumped up the temperature a little bit just to give the photo a little more warmth. This last edit gives the photograph a pleasant and lively feel.

That's it for my project assignment. Feel free to comment on it. I don't care whether your feedback is negative or positive. I welcome any thought or suggestion that will improve my work! (:

Thank you for all the tips and advice Mr. Rubin! I will definitely keep them in mind.

You can find my other photographs on:
Instagram: chr.sse


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