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Winter Wonderland

Here is my Mood Board. Thought about doing flowers and such but since we are in the throws of an icy wonderland I figured I would try and strech and find inspiration from Northern Virginia's snowy landscape right now. This is pretty hard since I love flowers but those are hard to come by right now. I've got my inspiration, now to sketch. 

Okay, didn't sketch but I've decided this photo is where I will draw from for my color pallete. Next is to sketch out the images that will make up my pattern. Corssing my fingers... I'm thinking flowers may have been easier to draw???

I have finally gotten my sketches out of the way. These are my 10-15 sketches, not sure how they will fit into the design as yet but I will digitize them and then rewatch a few segments as I work. Crossing my fingers...





I noticed a recurring theme of birds and snowflakes. I wasnted a little variety and just my luck the deer came to the back porch to eat again yesterday. I will try to add deer for my live trace picture. Just not sure it it will fit in okay or seem a bit random.



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