Winter Wake-up

Winter Wake-up - student project

It's been snowing a lot in Iowa, where I live, and of course my furnace chose this weekend to give up the ghost. I woke up this morning with frost on the inside of my windows. But it was surprisingly peaceful, piled under every blanket we own with our dog and cat keeping warm in bed with us. It's not really an activity, but I wanted to try and capture the feeling of waking up in this warm bubble inside a freezing house, with snow piled up against the windows and that quiet settled over everything.

I did this in GarageBand since that's what I have! I used my Yamaha keyboard as a MIDI controller. Thanks for the class, I learned a lot! Would love any feedback.

I wasn't sure how to attach the song, so you can see it on my Dropbox here:

Kate Moore

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