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Winter Village Girl

Oh man I'm unashamedly stoked for this class, WHOOP.

I'm actually not versed in silhouettes at all so any kind of constructive critism is more than welcome

Okay so as far as the theme, I decided to try and work outside my comfort zone and try a period aproppriate character since I'm use to mostly working with modern designs. So I'm especially drawing from Russian folk attire as well as some other cultures of caucacus for this character, which is a simple village girl.

Gonna re-map some and refine a few since I'm up, but yeah I'm looking forward to walking through these.

alrighty and I mapped them out

and I started refining about 6

I think I'll narrow it down to about three and work on those some more tomorrow as well as pick one for variations. Thanks for sticking with me tonight you guys and I appreciate all your nice comments /)u 7 u(\

and a refine update! I think I'm gonna go through with the center one. On to variation!

Mostly for variation I was playing with expressions and dress styles while still maintaining the same kind of hourglass balance, which I think was relatively sucessful! My only worry is that the possible dress patterns might become kind of trapping for the viewer's eye rather than the whole composition, which is why in the second and fourth one I played with the idea of a mostly plain skirt. I myself am gravitating to the third and fourth ones, the third because it's a little more cohesive of a pose and the fourth because I like the more unified look that the apron brings to the design. I might merge the two, though I'm still thinking about it

Any other thoughts?

Alright after a busy busy weekend, I took a couple a comments I got and it looks like you guys know me a quite well! 

I went with number three and finished it up with the render step

Alrighty and I think she's just about done! I might go back and touch her up a little as well as add some color, but as far as this class goes, I think she looks really good. 

Thank you all for sticking with me, I had loads of fun on this!


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