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Winter Survival Visualization


Ok, reposting photo here - no matter how I repositioned the project cover photo, it reverts to this blurry unhelpful crop of the original file. Also there's no option to delete it, once you put something there!

And, not sure how to share the moving gif on this site yet?

Regardless of all that, I have been having fun creating a series of these already, and was looking to get the motion to be smoother and kind of fine-tune my step-by-step process through this class. I had tried animating only in Photoshop and found it to be a long process & also limited the movement - so combining AE and Photoshop is new to me. 

Having a few issues with creating a too-large-to-post file size - still looking into ways to either prevent that or to properly downsize later without reducing quality too much.

I am guessing that perhaps the overly-textured background I used (a scan of watercolor) is part of the problem? When in save-for-web mode, every time I tried reducing the pixel size, it made the background look so bad as to not be useable...while the foreground figure didn't really change as much with reduction & probly still could have looked passable.

More experimental images on this series :


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