Winter Social


When is the event?
Saturday, December 15th 9:00pm to 12:00pm

Who are the decision makers/Who has the money (are there sponsors)?
Michelle + 1 co-planner ( who is good at event promotions)

What is your budget?
$500.00: The cost will be used to purchase 1 raffle prize ($50 - $90), reserve private space ($250), if needed as well as cover the cost of appetizers ($100). It will also cover the cost of the party should I not be able to bring in the minimum number of participants needed to lock-in the bar deal. It may be that I will not use all of the funds, especially if the required number of participants shows up.

Supplies: napkins (dollar store), mini plates, display platters (dollar store), approx $15; double-roll of raffle tickets (Party City), $6.00

Liquor: A level 1 (well drink/domestic bottle) drink package will be provided through the bar for a fee of $30 per person to be paid upon entry.

What do you want it to look like?
A Winter Social gathering at a spacious, contemporary bar between Thanksgiving and Christmas to help break up the winter & holiday malaise. An opportunity to make new friends/acquaintances- especially for those who may not have family/friends in the city- and enjoy time socializing with those you may already know; Semi-casual

Seating: negotiate with the bar for a closed off or private space for free if guaranteed a minimum of 75 participants

What will make it smooth?
Enforced liquor cutoff time by bar staff/security. Though the party ends at 12pm, participants can linger at their own leisure until 3am.

What are things that can not move?

What will make it yours?
$1 of bar deal price enters participants into a raffle for an Amazon Kindle (basic) (retail value $69.99,; Back up prize will be a $50 gift card to Zed451, a chartucerie restaurant downtown (, menu: The cost of the raffle will help cover the gift and be used as an incentive guarantee that the minimum number of bar customers required will attend.

Phone numbers and e-mails will be written on the back of the raffle tickets in order to contact the winner should they be absent. Additional ticket purchases are optional for those who want to increase their odds of winning.

Complimentary appetizers (salami/cheese/cracker spread and a fruit spread) will be provided, however the option to purchase food will also be available through the bar.

November 15th - Have bar reserved and drink package in place
November 23rd - Purchase Kindle through Black Friday for best deal or Purchase Zed451 gift card
November 23rd - Send out Invitations online via E-Vite,, Facebook
December 10th - Purchase appetizer supplies (plates, napkins, serveware), raffle tickets
December 12th - Order appetizers from grocer to avoid them not being in stock the day-of.
December 15th - Purchase appetizers day of party so they are fresh.
December 15th - 9:00pm party start/raffle sales begin
                                11:00pm raffle sales to end, entry price reduced by $1
                                11:30pm raffle winner announced


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