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Winter Sketching

Day 1

I've got everything I need :) The truth is I do have rather a lot of art supplies. I guess my problem is I do not use them but stick to what I am used to: if I do art it is made with watercolour. It's not necessary a bad thing but I'd like to push my boundaries and try different things. Maybe for this class I will try to use different technics every day. I started with Stabilo liners.


Day 2

Happens to me a lot: I've got time, I've got tools, I really want to draw but... I don't. I don't know what to draw and I don't know if I can draw what I want to.

Since I decided to leave my confort zone during this course for the second assignment I went outside. After that I really didn't get to decide much: there was one sunny spot where I could sit without freezing and the only thing in front of me was this dilapidating building.


In other circumstances I wouldn't have thought that I could draw it but it was either this or slowly freezing while looking for a less challenging object. So I tried and was actually pretty happy how it turned out. When I returned home I coloured my drawing with colour pencils (that was the plan all along).


Well, definitely a room for improvement here :)

Day 3


A very quick sketch - just a pen and pencils

Day 4


I've got space! And a pencil! And an orange!

Day 5


I must admit I wasn't drawing 5 days in a raw. I've got other creative projects (lettering and calligraphy) so sometimes I wanted to focus on those. But when I felt like drawing I would watch Ria's videos and see what can I apply to my creative practice. I decide from the beginning that I will use a variety of tools and it was a motivation to revisit some technics I wasn't practicing. This in turn gave me more ideas for future projects.

Bonus project:



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