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Winter Nostalgia


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She quickened her pace, the cold air biting her bare fingers and nose. Mother nature had surpassed herself this year, giving 20 centimeters of snow. Noelle, unfortunately, wasn't ready for it and had worn a thin autumn jacket and a pair of Converse. It was the 24th of December and it was her first Christmas by herself, it wasn't as bad as it seemed, she had bought herself a book and planned to read it later that night. Noelle had moved to London alone a little over 3 months ago to study medicine. She stopped for a minute before noticing a light shining brightly in the dark streets, as she got closer, she could see a small sign. It read: "Nan's Tea Palace." She was getting cold and warm cup of tea seemed like a great idea right now. Noelle, feeling lonely, considered calling a friend and inviting them for a snack, but they already had plans and couldn't cancel them so easily.

The door squeaked as she pushed it open and a tiny bell rang joyfully to announce her. The sound of that small bell reminded her of her childhood Christmases, the bells on the door of her old home lightly chiming every time a guest entered with mountains of gifts and toothy smiles. A fond smile appeared on her face as she revived the loving memory. She spotted the counter at the back of the store and walked over to it. An old lady was sitting on the other side, she seemed lost in her thoughts. Behind the old lady were shelves filled with bottles loaded with tea bags. One of them caught her attention, "Winter Nostalgia".

"Do you need help," a small voice asked.

Noelle turned to see the same old lady looking at her attentively.

"Yes, I would like to get a cup of tea, please." She pointed at the 'Winter Nostalgia' one and continued, "What does this one taste like?"

"It depends on who's drinking it, dear. As the name says, it's winter nostalgia. The fond, or not so fond, memories of the past winters. For some, it tastes like coal and cheap wine for others, it can taste like gingerbread houses with a hint of hot chocolate. It all depends on the memory you've made, honey." The woman answered truthfully.

"I'll take some."She was feeling brave that night.

The old lady chuckled lightly before handing her the hot beverage. Noelle, doubtful, smelled her drink, it had no smell and was translucent. It looked like water, she almost thought that the old lady had made a mistake and had given her a cup of hot water. Uncertain, she took a small sip of the scentless drink. It tasted exactly as the old lady described it, like gingerbread and it even had a weird marshmallow aftertaste and it was incredible.

Suddenly, a wave of memories hit her. She could see herself, she was 4 at the time and was opening her first Christmas gift. When she finished the tea, she had seen herself grow up from the age of 4 to the last Christmas she had spent with her family. Noelle felt odd, she was queasy and felt sad. She missed her family, her old friends. She would give anything to cuddle with someone right now, she thought being alone on Christmas Eve wouldn't be so bad, but there's a difference between being alone and being lonely. She was the latter. Noelle quickly thanked the old lady and got out of the odd shop.

She walked- more like speed walked- to the nearest bench and sat. She could feel her heart beating and her uneven breathing. Noelle quietly prayed that no one would see her like this. But honestly, who could have seen her like this. She probably was the only person in London without someone to celebrate the holidays with.

"Sorry, may I sit there?" Somebody asked. The voice was deep and had a noticeable accent. "Obviously, I'm in England. What did I expect?" She thought.

"Uh yeah, of course. I was about to go anyway," Noelle said nervously, before getting up.

She wasn't one to talk to people unless they were on the other side of the globe and on the internet. She was quite the awkward one, but she was quirky and funny if you took the time to get to know her. It was easier to talk to people who didn't know her, she could be who she wanted.

She looked up, to see who she was talking to and she did not expect that. He was tall and he was handsome as hell. His hair was puffy and curly, it looked really soft and his eyes, oh my. He had the deepest shade of green she had ever seen. Still, there was something really soft and relaxing about him. Next to him, she looked like an Oompa Loompa.

"C'mon, don't go," He says, his voice was really soft. He talked really slowly and it kind of bugged her.

Saying no seemed like a rude thing to do after he asked her to stay so politely. Maybe she could stay for a few more minutes. Nothing bad could come out of this, right?

"Spending Christmas alone, huh?" She took a chance (or a chonce ?) and asked him the burning question.

Noelle was never the best at making small talk, she always believed in speaking only when she had something important to say. She didn't like wasting time on meaningless talk.

"I was supposed to spend it with my family, but I missed the train and here I am," He smiles and continues, "What about you?"

"I moved here not long ago, it's my first Christmas alone,"

"Do you mind spending it with me?"

"Spending Christmas with a complete stranger?"

That was quite bold even more daring for Noelle.

"I'm not a complete stranger, you know things about me and I about you." He sounded a little hurt.

"Then I guess I'm not alone anymore, huh?"

* * *

They say you can't fall in love with someone the first time you see them, and it is mainly true. You don't fall in love with the person, you fall in love with the idea, the image you have of them. However, you can feel the connection you have with them. Noelle liked to think of it scientifically. For her, it was like dark matter, dark matter is what connects everything in the Universe. What holds everything in place. In her mind, the connection you feel with someone the first time you see them is the dark matter of soul mates.

* * *

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